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Xavier Beteta, photo by Ran Duan

These pieces were written in 2015 and the idea was to write three short pieces that could be easy to play to introduce pianists to my piano music. The three pieces have a fantastic inspiration and hence the name Miniatures Fantastiques.

El Camino del Sur

(The Path to the South)

Imagines that among all roads and paths, there is one that takes us to a fantastic land, outside of this reality, outside of the boredom and routine of our daily lives. This path can be found spontaneously without us expecting it. It is located in the South, perhaps physically, like in South America, but also, metaphorically, where the South means to “go back” or “return” to a time past.

Porcelain Doll

Is a delicate piece that tries to convey the fragility and beauty of a moment. Like a porcelain doll, beautiful moments are very fragile and can shatter at any time. There is a certain sadness and nostalgia in this piece conveying that a moment of beauty is very short and it doesn’t last long, even if we try to grab it.

Les Adieux

(The Farewells)

This is a piece that conveys the drama of saying good bye, of something ending. It opens with an incisive tritone and a short descending motive as if posing a question. It is at the end of this piece where we realized that we had found a path that took us to a place of fantasy, but this place is ephemeral and at the end, we are back where we started, searching again.

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